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I'm the kid with the big plans, I just don't know them yet. But I'm a freshman in college and hope to some day become more than a mystery. As for now? Life is a book, each day is a paragraph and each week a chapter. It's kind of a long book, but I hope mine is quite the page-turner.


  • Mood: Panic
  • Listening to: Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger
Usually I journal as an update and stuff, but if I were being honest (Which I have been known to do)  then I would admit that so much has happened lately, I can't even begin to wrap my head around everything. So summarizing it in a non-boring way is, well, just out of my ability at the moment. Hah. To put it vaguely- public speech ain't so bad (Scary as a thousand evil robot spiders, but not so bad.), coffee, Supernatural, Apparently I'm a leader now and COLLEGE. However, as the title entails, I am procrastinating. So, here's some things about me. Enjoy and comment and laugh, if ya feel like it. (Apparently it adds years to your life, so you've got nothing to lose.)
  • Age: 17
  • Where: Indiana
  • Where I would like to live: (Anywhere but Indiana...) Top three? Australia, Colorado and maybe New York. (Though I have to admit, Indiana is a part of me- whether I like it or not, of course- but I fear I'll never be able to leave this place. Sentimentality is quite the struggle.)
  • Favorite food: Most Edible things, to be honest, but in the spirit of this question, I enjoy a good watermelon. 
  • Favorite book: Hands down, my favorite book is "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger (I am basically the epitome of Holden Caulfield. We get on really well)
  • Eye colour: Sort of where a forest green and emerald green collide. Basically, my eyes are green. But woodsy. A nice foliage green. 
  • Favorite movie: This is an impossible question. (I have far too many.) But at this particular second in time? I'll say "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" because I'm a senior in high school and I am literally planning to live the movie with my friends in, like, a week or so. 
  • Favorite TV show: So many, but right now? Supernatural. 
  • Favorite band/singer: Again, so many. Currently I'm rediscovering Fun./ the Format and ACDC and Head and Heart. Then there's always Elvis and Frank Sinatra and Neon Trees and, admittedly, One Direction. I'll stop myself now before I list my entire itunes directory...
  • Random fact about me: I have Synesthesia. (Also known as Ideathesia (And more accurately described as such.)) For those who don't know what that is, basically I'm extremely perceptive in a rather oddly unique way. (Letters have colors, smells have tastes and times of day not only have colors but attributes and sounds and so on. Look it up on Wikipedia, it's really quite fascinating...) 
  • Favorite day of the year: Favorite day? Hmmm... well, despite the obvious holidays, I'd probably say some day in June. I'll go with June 12th or 18th. (My synesthesia supplies beautiful blues and oranges on those days/numbers) In Indiana, that's this really awesome time where it's not quite summer and not really spring. The trees are a healthy green- before summer burns the leaves to a crisp and after they have bloomed their little baby leaves. It's not too hot and it tends to be a cool morning and a comfy afternoon. Gentle showers. Some lightning because of temperature change. It's really quite lovely.
  • Favorite colour: I hate this question. But I'd have to say green. I can't really choose a favorite color, but subconsciously I think I've always known it's been green
  • If I have any pets: Four, actually. A fat golden retriever by the name of Tank. A crazy labradoodle by the name Wheatie. And two outdoor cats with strange origin stories, Smokey and Zoey.
  • Last movie I watched: Captain America: Winter Soldier. (So. Stinkin'. Awesome.)
  • What’s my ringtone: Welp, I always keep my phone in 'ninja mode.' No vibration. No ringing. I'm a rebel, so I always have it out during class and other inappropriate times and ninja mode helps me to not get caught. Ever. 
  • Favorite male character from a TV show: Welp. It's a toss up between Castiel and Dean freaking Winchester from Supernatural. 
  • Favorite female character from a TV show: Felicity Smoak from Arrow. 
  • What my name means: My real name or my username? Both? Alright. My username, littlewheat, is just a nickname of mine that my brother's friends gave me. I'm the baby of the family, so considering my brother was 'wheat.' it was second-nature for me to be dubbed 'littlewheat' throughout the halls of every school I've ever attended. Then my friends caught on and when my twitter, tumblr, instagram and everything else was titled that, well. Like I said. It's a nickname and I stand by it. As for my name? My actual human name is Cassidy. And I often go by Cas. And, the awesome thing is that I went by that before I became obsessed with Supernatural, just to clarify that. Cassidy, however, is of Irish Gaelic origin. It means the twisted lock; ingenious, clever witted, sly.
  • Favorite superhero: You guys are killing me with these terrifically hard questions. Alright, I have a lot of favorites (Just parooze my gallery and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.) But recently? I have to admit, I've been rather obsessed with Marvel's Clint Barton AKA: Hawkeye. 
So there ya have it. Procrastination in it's finest. Alongside my procrastination is the offer to help you in your procrastination (because isn't that just what you needed? More distractions?) Anywho. For reasons I can only chalk up to me being bored and going on a coffee-fueled whim, I'm gonna paste various links to, well, basically my everything internet-related. Hah. So stalk away. Eh, I'm an open book (Which is funny because people describe me as a mystery, I chalk that up to me simply not understanding myself, so no one can really understand something that doesn't understand itself. Of course with that track, we'd delve into a lot of intricate topics- which I am happy to do, but that sounds like work and I am far too busy procrastinating at the moment, so... just click my links and do whatever you do.)

Pinterest (What? It's addicting!)…
Tumblr (My art one):
Tumblr (My photography one): littlewheatphotography.tumblr.…
And then the general reblogging Tumblr I own and don't necessarily expect people to follow, but I wouldn't mind it either way:
Hah, well... now that I have exploited myself, I'll make a hasty retreat...

See ya 'round the bend!


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